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China's First Blockchain Social Network Is The Brainchild Of A 24-Year-Old Female Entrepreneur

Ben Sin Named Ono , the beta version of the network launched in April, and it has already amassed more than three million members, at least according to Xu. Xu cites the original vision of the world wide web as the reason for starting Ono: "When [British computer scientist] Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web, his vision was to let humans exchange information and knowledge freely," Xu says. "The internet belongs to all of us. But it's become so centralized now. Most of top ten tech companies in the world built their net worths by selling user data. "This is why blockchain is important -- you own the data yourself," she says, elaborating that she and her company would not be able to sell Ono users' data even if they want to because it is a "dapp," or decentralized app. Currently, Ono is available in the Google Play store, with the iOS version coming this month. It's also accessible through any web browser. I signed up and was surprised to see quite a bit of English content considering most of the users right now are based in China.

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